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28 June 2009 @ 04:29 pm
Watching the Detectives, etc.; 83

Here @ diamondeyesss 

10 January 2009 @ 12:08 am
Hi everyone :)
I would just like to ask whether anyone had any information on why this movie doesn't seem to be available on DVD here in the UK. I've checked a number of sites like hmv.co.uk and play.com, but they don't have any information and don't have it on sale at their stores. Seemingly I can only buy off a site like ebay and even there, it is on sale by someone from America, with a different type of DVD player to mine. I know this isn't really about the movie, but I just didn't know where else to get help. If this is inappropriate, then Mods, please feel free to delete this post. Thank you for you help!
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05 December 2008 @ 03:29 pm
Hi everyone...I know I posted a previous post about writing a WTD fan fiction and I apologize for not posting anything yet. I do have some of it written but I ran into some trouble as I started playing around with the characters. I was hoping to get some input from the wonderful readers here at Gumshoe Video!

I realize the whole point of WTD was the quirky, nerve wracking relationship between Neil and Violet, which was highly entertaining to watch. But when I started writing these characters, I kept coming up with same question...how long could their relationship last? I just see Neil getting frustrated after a while with the constant up and down and very possibly, Violet getting bored.

So this is what I'm getting at...I want to continue my WTD story but I don't want to offend any fans of the movie by setting Neil up (ultimately) with someone other than Violet.

What are your thoughts?
(I cry easily...please be nice)
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02 December 2008 @ 07:36 pm

I have to say the funniest moment in WTD for me, is after Violet "dumps" Neil.

I was laughing so hard I was a crying, because of Neil's "crying fit" , especially when he's playing baseball.

I don't know why that bit tickled my funny bone so much. Well, mainly because Cillian is bloody hysterical.

I need that man to do more comedies. Seriously.

Officially, Violet/Lucy is my new hero. I LOVE that woman.

Could someone make a gif of Neil crying at bat and running the bases? Icon or banner? I don't care. I would be forever indebted to you!!!
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01 December 2008 @ 08:33 pm

I'm new to this community, but I do see some friendly faces.

To get started, I honestly don't understand why WTD didn't take off. It was one of the few comedies that made me bust out laughing. And it's not just because it's Cillian, whom I adore. Lucy is fabulous here and I thought the film was well done.

I think I'm losing faith in movie-goers and most critics. People praised the likes of "Knocked Up" and everything Apatow makes. Ugh... Comedies are seriously sliding down hill. Given, my sense of humour is VERY colourful and it's quite hard to offend me. But so many comedies released in the last few years just are not that funny. Relying on too much crude humour, stereotypes, and the same old crap to sell it with relatively no characterization.

There are so many great comedies out there that are not mainstream in which people may never see.

I highly enjoyed WTD. The ending was a little sketchy, but I'll forgive it because I laughed so hard throughout the film.

And I need to see Cillian in more comedies.
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28 October 2008 @ 05:50 pm

In honor of reaching forty watchers (!!!), pinkceptional is hosting a Multifandom Drabble Request Meme! No matter what your poison, be it the drama of Twilight or the cuteness of Pushing Daisies (or the havoc created by mixing the two!), you can ask for it and write for it here! All fandoms, including RPF, are welcome!
23 October 2008 @ 09:32 pm
Hi! Just wanted to introduce myself to the community! I'm so glad to see a Watching the Detectives community here!

I'm working on an outline for a fan fiction based off of the movie but it's my National Novel Writing Month project so I won't be able to post anything until after November first.

So, keep your eyes open and I'm really happy to be part of this community!
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04 October 2008 @ 02:35 pm
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20 » Lucy Liu
9 » Watching the Detectives
10 » Misc: Stock, Smallville, Claire Danes, Elijah Wood/Yo Gabba Gabba, Stardust

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1 » Christan Bale/American Psycho

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1 » Christan Bale/American Psycho 1024 x 768


( It's called The Puppetmaster! )
25 September 2008 @ 02:15 pm
I'd like to thank everyone who's joined the community! Welcome!

Title: Chivalry was Murdered
Pairing: Neil/Violet
Rating: R
Summary: Violet teaches Neil that historical reenactments are only as credible as their props.

( chivalry was murdered )
24 September 2008 @ 02:33 am
Welcome to gumshoe_video, a community where fans of the 2007 romantic comedy Watching the Detectives, starring Cillian Murphy as film noir buff Neil and Lucy Liu as femme fatale Violet, can share graphics, fanfiction, discussion, and more about the film!

  • fanfiction
  • icons & graphics
  • music videos
  • fanwork recommendations
  • general discussion
  • film recommendations
  • film/cast information or updates
Basically, anything related to Watching the Detectives!

Above all, have fun!